Fuck Yeah Cross Stitch


I’m Old Gregg! Custom commission piece.


was going to be a gift… but I may be too attached to let it go. braaaaiiinssssss

"A well balanced person has a rat on each shoulder."  A little prezzie I made for a friend of mine who used to be a rat-mommy.  The pattern is 100% mine, I even made the little ratties look like hers, after having made the pattern previously to mimic my rattyboys.


this was a thing I did really quick tonight that I’m not sure if I like

I like it!


While I’m doing this… the anchor I finished yesterday. I was thinking of framing it in a tiny retro hoop and giving to a friend of mine who has had a rough month, but I’ve given her cross stitched items before and, like I say, she’s had a rough month. There’s only so much whimsy anyone can be expected to tolerate. 


New cross stitch, because I love Easy A.

I think we’re just going to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.

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